Satin Slip Versatile And Sexy

Published: 01st March 2007
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Satin slip styles have been dropping in and out of fashion for years now. They are one of the most timeless articles of women's lingerie around and a must have addition to any self respecting girls wardrobe or lingerie drawer. The feel of soft smooth silky satin against the skin is something so many women love to feel and a satin slip is possibly the most pleasing way to experience that feeling. It is probably the way a satin slip covers so much of the body whilst gently brushing across the top of their legs that induces such a delicious sensation.

You are not on your own though ladies because many men just adore the sight of a woman wearing a satin slip too. They love the way it flows over their bodies when they move almost liquid like in pools of cool shimmering satin. The glimpse of that delicate lacy hem peeking just below the skirt adds to an air of some hidden promise, perhaps a flash of silky nylon stocking or delicate feminine silk. Whatever it is that men like about women wearing a satin slip there is no doubt that it has a long standing appeal with the male population of western society.

The great thing about this beautiful piece of feminine underwear is it's versatility. A satin slip can be put to so many uses and mixes well with all sorts of items from the wardrobe. Beyond it's main use as a very practical foundation garment more and more girls are realizing it's value as an outer garment too. A silky satin slip makes a perfect outfit for clubbing when teamed up with sexy silk stockings and heels. They look great in those club lights with all that shiny satin and you will stay nice and cool whilst dancing the night away.

The humble satin slip also lends itself perfectly to the role of slinky night wear. What could be more comfortable to curl up in bed with than a silky satin slip? Especially one of those long elegant one's trimmed with pretty satin ribbons at the bodice and hem. All edged with delicate feminine lace they make the perfect nightgown for the sophisticated lady. Whilst the shorter chemise type slip in silk satin is a flirty addition to your nightwear collection. You can buy them in a huge range of colors ranging from passionate reds and purples to soft subtle whites for a more romantic mood.

The selection of satin fabrics on offer is almost bewildering with everything from silk satins to the heavier bridal quality satins for that touch of elegance. Satin slips made from some of the higher quality fabrics are to say the least absolutely stunning to see and feel. These are true luxury garments often made to measure and trimmed with the most feminine lace and ribbons. They make the most indulgent of niceties to wear under your favorite dress or even exclusive nightwear for that special romantic evening in. Or perhaps when you are ready to pamper yourself you could slip one on and just lounge around in the evening with a glass of wine and a great movie.

Every one deserves a treat or a little pampering now and again so why not treat yourself to that special something just this once. There are hundreds of shops on the internet selling the most beautiful silk and satin slips. You can buy with total confidence and these companies will deliver your silky satin slip directly to your home. So why shouldn't you enjoy some of life's luxuries now and again? You know you deserve it so go ahead and enjoy.

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