Smooth Silky Slips

Published: 01st March 2007
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Slips in silk satin or smooth tactile nylon are still selling like hot cakes. Why? A slip is the kind of thing only your mum would wear under those old fashioned pinafore dresses or so you may think but in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Slips are still around a plenty after all these years and their appeal is still as timeless as ever. In fact they are even more popular today and they are becoming more so as time goes by. Perhaps it is due in part to our more liberal approach to fashion these days and the fact that we are a lot less modest about our bodies. Whatever the reasons slips are on the up and up once again despite the fact that most modern skirts and dresses are fully lined already.

The modern day slip buyer and wearer is a completely different animal altogether to her predecessor who would have purchased her slips out of necessity. They would have been rather dowdy functional affairs in cheap cotton or thin nylon, mass produced and very unflattering indeed. Today's slip wearers are far more fashion conscious and more than happy to show a bit of frilly lace at the hem and below the neck line than their mothers would have been. They have learned the art of wearing their underwear on the outside (a bit like superman with his pants and tights) for all to see. A silky satin slip makes a brilliant clubbing outfit and it's cool to wear in those hot clubs too.

Then of course there is the slips function as a sensuous piece of silky finery. Some of these gorgeous creations in pure silk are beautifully hand made and embroidered with the most delicate lace or ribbons. The side slits are finished off with tiny rosebuds and satin bows which give them a very feminine look too. The quality of the fabrics used in these luscious garments is like heaven to the touch and shimmers with every movement of the body falling in folds of shiny silky satin. Any woman would treasure such a beautiful garment and wear it only for best but, there should never be any best ladies only the now so wear and enjoy. If you men out there want to pamper your partner a silky shiny slip in pure silk would make the perfect intimate gift that you would both get to enjoy.

So don't underestimate the humble slip because there is more to it than you may at first imagine. If you are someone who wants value for their money a silky slip is the ideal lingerie purchase. You can wear it as intended under your skirt or dress and it will double up as a slinky night dress. Then again if you are feeling daring you can slip it on (forgive the pun) and hit the town with the girls for a great night out clubbing. No self respecting girl should have a wardrobe or lingerie draw devoid of a silky satin slip or two just in case the need arises.

There are tons of places on the internet where you can buy these silky satin delights in just about every color imaginable. It really is a buyers market out there so you will have no trouble picking up something really nice at a price to make you smile. The world is your oyster if you want pearls but the net is the place to shop for silky satin slips. So if you can't afford the pearls settle for some silk lingerie but most of all enjoy.

Kevin Moore owns and runs the silky slips web site where you will find slips in pure silk satin, nylon and more. Visit the site to see for yourself at Silky Slipsand enjoy

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